Welcome to Sumanas Retreat

Sumanas Retreat, located in Santa Barbara, CA, is a Nonprofit that serves participants ill with cancer.

The health and healing center is the home of integrative and compassionate care. The residential program provides a safe and comforting environment for the healing processes, helping to overcome trauma and to reinforce a positive outlook on life. The powerful combination of art, relaxation practices and playful activities within this healthy environment offers an opportunity to re-discover the joy of well-being.

Mission-motivated, the focus of the healing center is to create an environment that resembles a “HOME” for people undergoing treatment for cancer (chemotherapy and radiation), in remission, or living with recurrence. The residential program offers both sanctuary and support for convalescence and rehabilitation, and the proven benefits of a relaxing environment for ongoing recovery. A cohesive team of therapists, naturopathic doctors, artists and healers are on site to support residents as they investigate their treatment options, and engage in the various holistic programs that emphasize on complementary medicine.

This comprehensive and unique Retreat Center serves participants from across California, the United States, and more.

Sumanas Retreat is a comprehensive retreat center tailored specifically to the longer-term, practical and emotional needs of cancer patients (brochure).

Length of stay is based on individual needs. We are open year-round.

We are conveniently located within 10 minutes of The Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, The Cancer Center, The Breast Cancer Resource Center, Issel Medical Center as well as other programs and resources providing services to cancer patients.

We are easily accessible by our local airport with connections to Los Angeles, CA.

Sumanas Retreat - PO Box 20254 - Santa Barbara - CA 93120-0254 - USA - 805.705.7100 -